Tremonti: Dust Review - 10 Phenomenal Tracks Reviewed & Ranked

9. Betray Me

mark tremonti
Kara Robinson

In any other artist's hands, the lyrics "How could you betray me? Remember hope? Remember faith? Remember trust?" may have floundered, but Tremonti puts so much passion behind every word, it sells the lines like no other artist outside Alter Bridge's own Myles Kennedy.

By having the titular track's venomous name personify the sledgehammer chord-chokes and relentlessness therein, it leads to a guitar technique Mark very rarely uses, now immortalised on-record - sweep picking.

Yes, one of the most complex things to pull off is now firmly within his repertoire. Formerly seen in Alter Bridge's Cry a River where it appeared alongside a sliding variation, listen for the repeated passage of notes towards the close of this song's solo to hear it for yourself - and then see if you can keep up!

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