Trivium: Ranking All 8 Albums From Worst To Best

Can The Sin and The Sentence take the top spot?

Trivium Albums

Of all the bands to emerge from the question of "Who will be the next great headliner?", Trivium have had one of the most fascinating stories in the metal history. Once emerging out of nowhere with their second album Ascendancy being the one that caught on (Ember to Inferno received minimal promotion and distribution), they were immediately hailed as the future of metal; one of the most technically proficient and promising bands on the planet, especially considering three of them were just teenagers.

Indeed, 2005's Ascendancy remains a masterpiece, though everything that followed would showcase a group of unbelievably talented individuals growing and maturing before our very eyes. For some that meant ageing alongside the band and learning to love their various genre and identity experiments, though for others, aping James Hetfield's vocal stylings on The Crusade was simply too much, too fast.

Now in 2017, we have The Sin and The Sentence, a genuinely phenomenal piece of work that exemplifies just how far the band have come. Singer Matt Heafy's vocals are in the shape of their life, as is Corey Beaulieu's spellbinding guitar playing, bassist Paolo's composition ideas and newcomer Alex Bent's inhumanly perfect drumming.

Collectively Trivium now have an exemplary body of work, but from missteps to triumphs, what are their worst and best albums?

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