Trivium: Ranking All 8 Albums From Worst To Best

8. Vengeance Falls

The result of an unlikely pairing with Disturbed's David Draiman, Vengeance Falls saw him on Producer duties, setting Heafy on a path towards a more definable and confident clean voice, yet that wouldn't come into its own until Silence in the Snow or Sin and The Sentence.

Sadly, it really felt as though Draiman's influence permeated through to the composition stage, reminding many fans of stylistic affectations that - while totally fine in the Disturbed camp - felt out of place here. The likes of staccato vocals on To Believe, the Draiman-esque chorus of Incineration: The Broken World or the overly gerandiose Wake (The End Is Nigh) were notable negatives.

Thankfully this is still Trivium we're talking about, and Strife's phenomenal solo showed a Corey Beaulieu determined to please diehard metalheads, whilst Through Blood and Dirt and Bone provided perfectly bouncy live fodder, Vengeance Falls was brilliantly catchy and uplifting, and bonus track As I Am Exploding remains absolutely f*cking furious.

Trivium don't have any bad albums, but if we're establishing a barometer of quality, Vengeance Falls has to be one end of the spectrum.

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