Trivium: Ranking All 8 Albums From Worst To Best

1. Shogun

Every band needs a Master of Puppets - the one album that captures those key individuals just playing to the peak of their abilities. Yes, Silence in the Snow and Sin and The Sentence certainly show the more stadium-filling side of Trivium pushed to the fore, but Shogun is a musclebound beast of a record. An absolute masterclass in heavy metal songwriting.

From the opening strings of Kirisute Gomen to the soaring title track, radio smasher Down From the Sky or the complete fretboard abuse that is Insurrection's guitar solo, this was Trivium back on righteous form after The Crusade.

Perhaps they felt a need to once again "prove themselves", perhaps these were song ideas that just needed to come out regardless. Either way, Shogun is Trivium's magnum opus; a flawless album you can listen to 100 times and still pick out new elements you didn't notice and want to explore.

Its conceptual nature as an exploration of ancient Greek, Japanese and Western mythologies is only ice on the cake - a sprinkling of thematic narrative that lets these songs become something altogether more enrapturing.

Hats off Trivium, we'll see you headlining the Download main stage one day.

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