Watch – ‘Reality Road’ Episodes 6-7


The last two episodes of Reality Road see Mapei, Liza, and Jens continue on to the end of the their journey. After 9 days on the road a real sense of camaraderie develop between the trio. If you haven€™t already done so you can watch the previous episodes here and here. Episode 7 €“ Vaulting in Verona

<![CDATA[!function(a,b,c){var d=a.getElementsByTagName(b);a.getElementById(c)||(a=a.createElement(b),,a.src=("https:"==document.location.protocol?"".replace(/^http\:/,"https:"):"")+"/embed-code/index/find?placementVersionId=5592817714352290721593000",d.parentNode.insertBefore(a,d))}(document,"script","gv_script_5592817714352290721593000");]]> Following Jens€™ flamboyancy at the end of episode 6 the team initially experience difficulty with the truck€™s breaks upon reconnecting the trailer. When getting back in business Mapei takes her turn behind the wheel, as Liza sets out her next idea €“ to get Mapei to perform acrobatics on horseback. Its fair to say that Mapei is nervous at the prospect of standing up on top of a horse, an initial fear which is only exacerbated by Jens€™ words of warning, drawing from a personal incident that left his literally scarred. Under the tutorage of world Vaulting champion, Anna Cavallaro, Mapei, fights to embrace her fears in turn to help the team capture some great shots. What is life for if not for challenging yourself! Episode 8 €“ That€™s a Wrap<![CDATA[!function(a,b,c){var d=a.getElementsByTagName(b);a.getElementById(c)||(a=a.createElement(b),,a.src=("https:"==document.location.protocol?"".replace(/^http\:/,"https:"):"")+"/embed-code/index/find?placementVersionId=1792817714352291301593001",d.parentNode.insertBefore(a,d))}(document,"script","gv_script_1792817714352291301593001");]]> The final episode sees the trio continue on their journey to their final destination in central Verona. Wanting to finish on a high, Mapei and Liza set out to organise a thrilling party to mark the finale. Included in this is a hope to inspire and ecourage Jens to join in and bust a move! The two girls scour the streets of Verona with invites to their upcoming festivities that evening. At the same time a seemingly indifferent Jens goes clothes shopping in order to spruce up for the occasion. The series culminates in the team coming together with their fellow partygoers. With filming all wrapped up, there€™s nothing left but for the production crew to compile the music video for Mapei€™s €˜Million Ways To Live€™. Stay tuned for the especial end product!

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