Which Album Are These Marilyn Manson Songs From?

Do you know your Antichrist Superstar from your Holy Wood from your Born Villain?

Since their first album in 1994, rock outfit Marilyn Manson have amassed an impressive ten studios albums to date - not to mention countless live albums and compilation albums. Love 'em or hate 'em, Marilyn Manson is a band that has achieved a ridiculous amount of success - and record sales! - over a 25-year period.

Fronted by, err, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson (the band) have gone on to have a multitude of hits during their time together. Even if you're not an ardent fan of the group, this is the sort of band where you still know their songs and may even find yourself humming along to a tune or two now and again. But this quiz here, however, well it's likely more one for those who claim to be the Marilyn Manson die-hards. After all, if you're a massive fan of a person or band, every now and then you have to put your money where your mouth is.

Carrying on along those lines, then, here we've got 15 Marilyn Manson songs for you. All we're asking you to do is correctly identify with of the band's ten albums each one of these particular tracks are from.

1. The Beautiful People?


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