Your Demise: Interview With Guitarist Stuart Paice

which we have recently reviewed.

Due to being so, so impressed with the release we decided to catch up with guitarist Stuart Paice to discover more about the creative process, the input to the EP, and what we can expect from their upcoming tour next month.

WC: You're about to release the new EP Cold Chillin' which has received great reviews so far: What was your thought process as you went into writing? Is the EP a way to pull back fans you may have lost after the release of The Golden Age?

Stuart Paice: It was basically a way of getting new music out more than anything, but along with it came a big f*ck you too people that wrote us off. It's really not that different from the heavier stuff on The Golden Age.

WC: Why do you think there were such divided opinions over The Golden Age? We've seen a few of the tracks live and people still go mental for them - so why do you think so many people made their negative opinions known?

S: It's crazy really, to us live it has made no difference, the shows are still wild, even more so for the new songs as they are easier to get hold of. I think it was just a select few of kids that maybe outgrew us, so decided to be angry kids and create a negative aura around it, but that being said it was only a few kids, and we love TGA so f*ck em.

WC: Has it affected your morale and the way you gel together as a band after releasing The Golden Age and the reaction it received?

S: No way at all, I mean it's not nice to called 'C*nts' when they don't know anything about us, but we find it all pretty funny to be honest.

WC: What's been your favourite live show as a band so far, and why?

S: There has been so many, I would say Reading and Leeds in 2011 or Ghostfest last year, they where great shows.

WC: Is there anywhere that you'd love to tour that you haven't managed to yet?

S: South America, and Africa I would say, the shows would just be crazy!

WC: Who are your favourite acts to tour with and why?

S: I would say either Trapped Under Ice, or Terror. They are all such great dudes, and just love to watch them every night.

WC: Who in the band brings the creativity to the writing of your material or is it a culmination of everyone's work?

S: We all have an input, it's how we write. Me and Oz come up with the foundation, then we build from that with everyone saying what the want or where it should go, it's great!

WC: How did the video for 'Karma' come about? Is there a narrative behind it that you'd like to share?

S: Well, we just went into with having fun ha ha, I mean we are wearing full Camo, and driving a jeep around a field! People should take from it what they feel.

WC: What's been the most hurtful comment you've received; either as a band or personally?

S: As I said before, we don't get hurt or upset from what is being said. It's just crappy when kids get personal, when they do not know us at all. We are all decent dudes and just want to make our music. Nothing wrong with that is there?

WC: And finally, are you expecting any crazy tour antics next month?

S: It's Your Demise on tour, there will lots and lots of antics left right and centre, just come catch a show and see for yourself!

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