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10 Best Paramore Songs - Ranked

There's a reason Paramore were the soundtrack to your teenage years.
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Amazing Rock Cover Songs You Haven't Heard Before

Rock's most overlooked tunes.
By Aaron Chandler

8 Incredible 1990s Bands That Are Still Killing It

Not all musical greats lose their spark over time...
By Paris Fawcett

5 Awesome Rock Bands You've Wrongly Slept On

Rock's greatest unsung heroes.
By Tim Coffman

5 Albums With HORRIBLE Backstories

When all the stress finally pays off.
By Tim Coffman

5 Mediocre Albums By Great Bands

Musical champions dropping the ball.
By Tim Coffman

10 Famous Songs That Were Somehow Recorded In A Single Take

This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.
By Brian Wilson

10 Incredible Musical Side Projects

Artistic moonlighting at its finest.
By Tim Coffman

10 Huge Artists Teasing New Albums In 2020 Community

Gaga, Green Day, Adele... We're going to be spoiled.
By James Magee Submit Your Content

Every Muse Album Ranked Worst To Best

The prog rock trio from worst to best.
By Tim Coffman

5 Greatest Bounceback Albums

They get knocked down, but they get up again!
By Tim Coffman

10 Rock Cover Songs Better Than The Original

Sometimes, the second time's the charm...
By Noah Sturdevant

10 Surprising Instrumental Tracks You NEED To Hear

Let the music do the talking.
By Tim Coffman

10 Musical Left Turns NOBODY Saw Coming

Put your songs down, flip them, and reverse them.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best British Metal Bands Right Now

Britain birthed heavy metal and here are the bands continuing its legacy.
By Paris Fawcett

10 Songs That Prove Paul McCartney’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

Because there’s more to Paul McCartney than just Silly Love Songs.
By Chris Chopping

10 Essential Albums From 2019 You Need To Hear

The year's mandatory listening.
By Tim Coffman

The Ultimate My Chemical Romance Quiz

The Black Parade Is BACK!!!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Best Blink-182 Songs

Which of Blink-182's pop-punk classics will make it to the top of the list?
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Great Songs That Never Made A Studio Album

The best of the odds and ends.
By Tim Coffman

8 Alternative Christmas Songs For Alternative Folk Community

Need some alternative Christmas songs to help blow the cobwebs from your stale playlist?
By Trevor Anthony Moran Submit Your Content

How Well Do You Know Paul McCartney’s Solo Career? Community

He was the bassist of The Beatles. But how much do you know about the Glastonbury 2020 headliner?…
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

8 Wrestling Gimmicks That Totally Ripped-Off Musicians

This sounds like rock and/or roll wrestling.
By WhatCulture

10 Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs

One of the best metal bands on the planet, but what are their best tracks?
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Best UK Albums Of 2019 Community

2019 has been nothing short of stellar for UK musicians.
By Marlon Loria Submit Your Content

6 Early Versions Of Iconic Songs Missing The Iconic Parts

Iconic songs did not start out that way, most were missing the parts that made them iconic.
By Jonathan Kaulay

10 Least Festive Christmas Songs Ever

Never mind the jingle bells, here’s the weirder end on the Christmas hit parade.
By Chris Chopping

10 Music Moments That Shocked The World

So much for peace and love.
By Tim Coffman

20 Punk Rock Albums Turning 20 In 2020 Community

Is you're favorite album as old as Camera phones, bluetooth and the Scary Movie franchise.
By Cody Ayres Submit Your Content

10 Albums Turning 20 In 2019

The crown jewels from the end of the millenium.
By Tim Coffman