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Pop Punk Quiz: Who Released These Early 2000s Albums? Community

Baggy pants, spiky hair and oh-so-many-chains. MOM DON'T COME IN HERE.
By Reginald Davey Submit Your Content

Kanye West: 10 Best Songs You Haven't Heard Community

Behind blockbuster singles are emphatic, luxurious tracks.
By Alan Mckenzie Submit Your Content

My Chemical Romance Lyric Quiz: Can You Name The Song? Community

Now the New Jersey boys are back, let's put your MCR knowledge to the test.
By Dylan Rush Submit Your Content

Oasis: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Mad fer it.
By Tim Coffman

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky: Every Song Ranked From Worst To Best

Let's state the obvious right now... it's another masterpiece from Alter Bridge.
By Scott Banner

10 Rock Music Collaborations No One Could Have Predicted

Just when you think you know a band, they make friends with the most unexpected people...
By Steven Hooke

10 Albums That Defined The 80s

These albums showed that the '80s were much more than just big hair and spandex.
By Tim Coffman

Every Wings Album Ranked From Worst To Best

Backed by Wings Paul McCartney sometimes soared and sometimes fell to Earth.
By Chris Chopping

10 Best Linkin Park Songs

There's a lot more to Linkin Park than just Hybrid Theory and Meteora...
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Incredible Blur Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

A bit of a blur. And another bit. And eight more.
By Chris Chopping

10 Best AC/DC Songs Ever

Highlights from the Highway to Hell.
By Cameron Morris

Can You Match David Bowie's Lyrics To The Song?

He'd came and met us. And he certainly blew our minds.
By Hannah Gregg

25 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of The Last Decade

Which of these amazing rap records will earn the title of the best of the last 10 years?
By Aundre Jacobs

9 Songs So Good You Didn't Know They Were Covers

The originals aren't always the best.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Songs That Prove Ringo Star’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

Because fourth out of four isn’t bad when the other three are Lennon, McCartney and Harrison.
By Chris Chopping

The Ultimate My Chemical Romance Quiz

The Black Parade Is BACK!!!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Best Stereophonics Songs

Keeping the village alive.
By Cameron Morris

10 Greatest David Bowie Songs Community

Commencing countdown...
By Marlon Loria Submit Your Content

10 Rock Bands With Awesome Shows You Must See

What's music without a bit of theatrics and everything being on fire?
By David Bowles

Iggy Pop Claims To Have Tried Smoking Spiderwebs To Get High

Rock legend discusses the time he tried an alternate method to get high.
By Sam Tier

6 Kanye West Albums That Got Delayed (And Why) Community

Frank Ocean eat your heart out.
By Alan Mckenzie Submit Your Content

9 Great Closing Tracks On Albums

These bands were able to do "the mic drop" moment right.
By Tim Coffman

10 Craziest Reasons Musicians Cancelled Gigs

Pigeon defecation and... just being sick of it all.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Songs That Prove Paul McCartney’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

Because there’s more to Paul McCartney than just Silly Love Songs.
By Chris Chopping

10 Best Muse Songs

The space rock giants' greatest offerings.
By Tim Coffman

Beatles Solo Songs Quiz: Who Sang What - John, Paul, George Or Ringo? Community

Which Fab Four member sung what after The Beatles broke up?
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz: Can You Guess The Song From The Lyric? Community

Are you ready for It?
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 Best Manchester Albums Of The 2010s Community

The latest and greatest from one of Britain's biggest musical cities.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

Music Quiz: How Well Do You Know Paramore? Community

You won't get 100% on this quiz. Hard Times.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

Alter Bridge: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Walk the Sky is one of their absolute best.
By Scott Tailford