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20 Devastating Songs About Heartbreak

Emotional tracks not for the faint-hearted.
By Ed Nash

20 Landmark Songs Of The 90s

If you're a 90's child, prepare for a nostalgia-overload.
By Ed Nash

Katy Perry: 10 Things We've Learnt From The Queen Of Pop

Aside from the fact she did once kiss a girl, and can firmly attest to liking it.
By Tom Mankin

Your New Online Jukebox: Party With 22tracks & Internet Explorer

By 22tracks

8 Essential German Artists Who Aren't Rammstein

If all that was stopping you from hearing a whole country's worth of phenomenal bands was to read up on some lyrics, surely that wouldn't stop you?…
By Shawn-Ray Dalinsky

5 Reasons Katy Perry Is The Reigning Queen Of Pop

By Dan Bolas

10 More Iconic Pop Songs Hilariously Covered By Metal Bands

Because if you've not heard an appropriately throaty version of Poker Face, you're clearly doing something wrong.…
By Brad Lee

Wale: His 10 Best Tracks You Need To Hear

American rapper Wale has become a huge force to be reckoned with over the years with his honest and relatable lyrics, but which track is his finest work?…
By Rich D. Latta II

20 Most Annoying Songs Of The New Millennium

"What's that comin' over the hill, is it a...." you'd already finished it hadn't you?
By Stephanie Farrell

10 Best Guitarists You've Never Heard Of

We all know the Cobains and Slashs of the world, but how about the guys that are just as good, yet remain bound by obscurity? …
By Michael Downie

20 Timeless Bruce Springsteen Songs

A rundown of The Boss's finest work.
By Ryan Droste

10 Landmark Albums That Defined Britpop

One of the most identifiable and influential movements in music history, it was very short lived yet the albums that were left behind are completely timeless.…
By Sam Carter

50 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Never Released As Singles That Every Fan Must Hear

With 30 years in the game (we know!), The Chili Peppers have a hugely enjoyable catalogue that extends far beyond the radio hits.…
By Sam Shepherd

20 Landmark Songs Of The 60s

By Ed Nash

50 Definitive Beastie Boys Songs

One of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time, here are 50 reasons why.
By Steve Karantzoulidis

10 Artists Who Left Amazing Bands To Create Something Better

Sometimes the disbandment of something amazing re-ignites the fire to get back in the game and do it much better the second time around.…
By Mark Ginocchio

10 Outrageous Omissions From The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

For every Nirvana or Guns n Roses there's a Madonna or Donna Summer, with some of the most deserving bands still being overlooked.…
By Forrest Gabitsch

Eminem: 5 Awesome Songs And 5 That Sucked

Though usually awesome, Eminem's been known to drop the occasional clanger or two...
By Zach Quinones

10 Amazing Tracks That Are Longer Than 8 Minutes

In an age of instant gratification and pop-dross domination it's easy to forget how amazing some lengthier pieces of music really are.…
By Craig Manning

10 Awesome Melvins Songs You've Ignored For Too Long

Without these guys there would be no Nirvana, simple as.
By Jeffery Shull