10 NFL Rookies Who Could Set The League On Fire

10. Kareem Hunt

To be fair, this was written after Kareem Hunt's all-time great debut game against the New England Patriots, in which he ran for 148 yards, caught 98 yards, and found the end zone three times. A performance that staggering demands Hunt be put on this list over O.J. Howard, Derek Barnett, and Taco Charlton.

With that said, how about Kareem Hunt, though? The third round pick showed promise, but no one expected him to put on a show this good, this early. He decimated a defense led by one of the greatest defensive minds in the history of the sport. Going forward, it's not fair to expect him to replicate this showing every week, but it also won't be absurd to for him to continue shining throughout his rookie campaign. With Spencer Ware out of commission for the season, Hunt has total control of the Kansas City run game and, with the Chiefs' receiving core depleted, he'll play a big role in the passing game, as well.

After his brilliant debut, Hunt has the eyes of the NFL world upon him and he has a chance to be a David Johnson or Le'Veon Bell type contributor or a serious contender.

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