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9 Naughtiest Sex Acts From The Animal Kingdom

Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel ... if you dare.
By Sheldyn Porter
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Uniforms Help To Inspire Pride Amongst Olympic Volunteers

Two of London's games makers share their experiences.
By Clothes2order
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT To Replace Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Disney will officially close Anahiem's Tower Of Terror in January 2017.
By Matt Holmes
Film Offbeat

Back To The Future 3 Train Reportedly Saved By Harry Potter Author JK Rowling

How the iconic train nearly became the Hogwarts Express.
By Jen Gallie

12 Thoughts You Have Riding Skull Island: Reign Of Kong At Universal Studios Orlando

Just how are you going to feel when come face to face with the King of Universal?
By Jen Gallie

Skull Island: Reign Of Kong Review - 7 Ways It’s Awesome

It's truly a beast of an attraction.
By Jen Gallie

25 Secrets Of Walt Disney World That You Didn't Know

There's magic all around you at Walt Disney World.
By Jen Gallie
Film Offbeat

8 Fascinating Disney Movies That Were Never Made

Did you know Disney pioneered The Gremlins?
By Brian Wilson
Film Offbeat

12 Things You Didn't Know About Pixar

Do you know what the word "Pixar" actually means?
By Brian Wilson

10 Things You Didn't Know About Walt Disney World

There's a lot to learn about the place where dreams come true.
By Jen Gallie
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Disney Release New Concept Art For Star Wars Land

That galaxy far, far away is suddenly looking closer to us.
By Jen Gallie
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Universal Halloween Horror Nights To See The Return Of Michael Myers

Halloween II confirmed for HHN26.
By Jen Gallie

Sponsored Video - UK Racing Driver Darren Turner Races Against His Clone

Part of Castrol EDGE Titanium Trials
By Castrol

13 Live Observations From The LEGO Factory & Museum Tour

Inside the empire built brick by tiny brick.
By Simon Gallagher

11 Things You Need To Know About Getting Married At Walt Disney World

Have a magical wedding day.
By Jen Gallie

9 Fascinating Disney Attractions You Didn't Know Were Almost Built

How Disneyland was almost so different. 
By Brian Wilson
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6 Most Iconic Musicians Of All Time

Those who taught us
By Magners

10 Best Walt Disney World Websites

When you need to know what's going on at WDW, these websites have you covered.
By Jen Gallie
Film Offbeat

Universal Studios Hollywood Confirms 5 Year Redevelopment Of Lower Lot

Plans in place to make huge changes to their soundstages and a new attraction.
By Jen Gallie

Universal Orlando Reveal Details Of Their "Third Park"

Volcano Bay looks set to change the way you experience a water park.
By Jen Gallie

4 Ways Walt Disney World Reacted To Child's Death After Alligator Attack

What changes are Disney making after tragic death outside Grand Floridian Hotel.
By Jen Gallie

Universal Studios Hollywood Reveals New Logo

Universal reveal their big announcement.
By Jen Gallie
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Find Your Piece Of British Tranquility

Decathlon take a look at some of the remote places you can go in the British Isles.
By Decathlon

5 Most Inspirational News Stories Of 2016

Smirnoff Presents Chris Fonseca: We're Open #deafdancers
By Smirnoff

6 Big Predictions For Universal Studios Hollywood's Mystery Announcement

Big news is about to come, but what will it be?
By Jen Gallie

Universal Halloween Horror Nights Speculation - Will Chance's House Be Familiar This Year?

Will Chance's maze be all to familiar for HHN fans?
By Jen Gallie
Film Offbeat

12 Horrifyingly Dark Tales Behind Your Favourite Disney Movies

Fairy tales are dark... so dark.
By Jen Gallie

Shanghai Disneyland Opening To Broadcast Across The World

Shanghai Disney is set to open with a bang this Thursday.
By Jen Gallie
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Relax And Recover - An Olympian's Secret To Success

Your chance to win a £500 voucher from DFS

Universal's Skull Island: Reign Of Kong - Soft Opening Fan Reactions

Are the Kong fans going bananas over the new attraction?
By Jen Gallie