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Splash Mountain Sign

10 Things You Should Know About Splash Mountain

My oh my it's a wonderful ride.
By Jen Gallie
Disneyland Haunted Mansion

Foolish Mortals - A Haunted Mansion Documentary Lands On Kickstarter

Trekkies for Haunted Mansion fanatics?
By Jen Gallie
King Kong Universal Studios Hollywood

50 Things You Need To Spot At Universal Studios Hollywood

Your checklist you must complete...
By Jen Gallie
disney ticket 1994

Disney World Honours Unused 1994 Park Ticket

Dreams don't have an expiration date.
By Jen Gallie
Darth Vader Disneyland

New Star Wars Disneyland Park Will Invite You To Use The Force

You've got plenty of time to practice at home before its (probable) 2019 opening.
By Jen Gallie
The Walking Dead Ride

The Walking Dead Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood On July 4th

Get ready to run this Independence Day.
By Jen Gallie
space mountain

10 Things You Didn't Know About Space Mountain

Are you ready to journey into the land of tomorrow?
By Jen Gallie
Skull Island Reign of Kong

First Look At Kong From Universal's Skull Island Reign Of Kong!

Something huge is coming to Universal Resort Orlando this summer.
By Jen Gallie
Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai Disneyland

Does Shanghai's Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Blow The Others Out Of The Water?

Battle For The Sunken Treasure sinks Disneyland Paris!
By Jen Gallie
shanghai disney

13 Things We Learned From Shanghai Disneyland Previews

China here we come!
By Jen Gallie
Captain Morgan Featured Image.jpg

7 Most Fun Things To Do With Friends In 2016

There's never been a better year to #LiveLikeTheCaptain
By Captain Morgan
The Incredible Hulk Coaster Universal Orlando

The Incredible Hulk Coaster At Universal Orlando: All New Vehicles And Story

Details of the reimagined coaster are revealed.
By Jen Gallie
golf disney

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do At Walt Disney World

There's more than just rides at Disney.
By Jen Gallie
frozen disney

9 Things You Need To Do This Summer At Walt Disney World 2016

Get Frozen this summer!
By Jen Gallie
american pie

10 Lies Movies Tell You About Sex

Hollywood, meet condoms. Condoms, Hollywood.
By Brydie Lee Kennedy
Beauty and the Beast Tokyo Disney

5 Exciting Things Coming To Tokyo Disney Resort

Belle is finding a new home in Japan.
By Jen Gallie
Jungle Cruise

10 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's The Jungle Cruise

All of the animals are real. Except the ducks, they are on rails, just like the boats.
By Jen Gallie
icount featured.jpg

When Should You Start Saving For Retirement?

Your answer might depend on where you live.
By icount
Speed Ryan Beitz

10 Most Bizarre Ways To Become Famous

Some are born weird, some achieve weirdness, and some have weirdness thrust upon them.
By Ben Cooke
The Exorcist Universal Halloween Horror Night 26

The Exorcist Confirmed As Second House At Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Get possessed at HHN26.
By Jen Gallie
jaws universal ride

10 Popular Universal Studios Florida Attractions That No Longer Exist

If you want to ride with Doc Brown, you're gonna have to bring a time machine.
By Jen Gallie
Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges

10 Things You Need To Know About Your First Visit To Universal Orlando Resort

Because having fun is universal.
By Jen Gallie
giant human skeleton

8 Famous Paranormal Photographs Debunked

Messages from another world, or clever photoshop?
By Stevie Shephard
SafeStore Featured.jpg

It's Time To Celebrate The Joy Of Having Stuff

SafeStore look at why #stuffisgreat
By SafeStore
Queen Elizabeth Smiling

10 Lesser Known Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

Happy birthday Maam as in jam...
By Nigel Paul Bernon
simpsons universal studios hollywood

Ranking The Universal Studios Hollywood Rides - From Worst To Best

So many to experience but which is the best?
By Jen Gallie
Universal Studios Resort

18 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Universal Theme Parks

Vacation like you mean it!
By Simon Gallagher
David Byrne talking Heads.jpg

16 Things Only Talking Heads Fans Will Understand

They're so normal it's crazy.
By Nathan Hastings
Mickey Mouse Hot

13 Places To Escape The Craziness Of Walt Disney World

Sometimes you need a break from the Florida heat.
By Jen Gallie
Halloween Horror Nights Texas Chainsaw Massacre Universal Orlando

Leatherface Returns To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Confirmed As The First House
By Jen Gallie