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14 Most Haunted Objects From Around The World

Sometimes the things you own, end up owning you.

22 May 2015 Sara Weir


10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Proves Hypnosis Is Real

Number 10: You are getting sleepy...

22 May 2015 Tom Baker

Joel Ryan/AP

10 Cannes Film Festival Protests (That Had Nothing To Do With Shoes)

Croisette controversies without a stiletto in sight.

21 May 2015 Ramona Depares

Buena Vista Pictures

14 Things To Prepare For If You Date A Girl With Big Boobs

They're a bonus, not a necessity.

21 May 2015 Sara Weir

20th Century Fox

17 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Time

"Do you want to try that name again Mr Travolta?"

21 May 2015 Sara Weir

Paramount Pictures

10 Things You Didn't Know About Megan Fox

Yes: she thinks she's hot, too.

21 May 2015 Sam Hill


14 Celebrities That Need To Disappear Forever

"And if I never see your face again, I don't mind."

21 May 2015 Sara Weir

20th Century Fox

19 Thoughts You've Definitely Had If You're Graduating This Summer

The end is nearly here, but you've so much still to do!

21 May 2015 Angus Saul

Steve Parsons/PA Archive

15 Problems Only People Who Work For A Pub Chain Will Understand

"No, we do not serve quail eggs. We've got scampi, chips and peas. And that is pretty much it"

20 May 2015 Rachel Bailey

20th Century Fox

10 Problems Only People Who Love Their Alone Time Will Understand

Let them think you're mysterious. You're probably just reading a scary novel in bed.

20 May 2015 Rachel Bailey


20 Reasons It Really Sucks To Be Poor Right Now

I've got bills, they're multiplying....

20 May 2015 Ian Watson

Columbia Pictures

13 Types Of Orgasm All Women Have Experienced

Whoever said women can't come needs to think again because there's a treasure chest of orgasms out there.

20 May 2015 Rachel Bailey

Warner Brothers

13 Struggles All Teaching Assistants Can Relate To

It's not all colouring in and tea breaks you know...

20 May 2015 Sara Weir


14 Things People Who Have Done The Duke Of Edinburgh Award Will Understand

It was all worth it for that Bronze award, honest.

20 May 2015 Sara Weir

20 Life-Saving Things You Look Forward To At The Weekend

It only comes once a week after all...

20 May 2015 Chris Haigh


13 Things People Who Work In Customer Service Know To Be True

Your job would be perfect if people didn't exist.

19 May 2015 Sara Weir

Lewis Stickley/PA Archive

23 Problems That Only Travel Agency Workers Will Understand

Travelling to hell and back every day

18 May 2015 Paul R Stafford


14 Things That Always Happen After A Break Up

Their names will become like poison and sambuca will be your best friend.

18 May 2015 Sara Weir

John Minchillo/AP

10 Things We Learned From Jim Gaffigan's Reddit AMA

Hot Pockets changed his life.

18 May 2015 Mitch Nickelson


21 Problems All Supermarket Employees Can Relate To

The truth is, we just don't care about your day.

18 May 2015 Caitlin Irwin