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10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That Shocked The World

The suspicious, the unexplained and the downright weird...

29 Nov 2015 Ben Cooke

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10 Things Only Apple Genius Bar Employees Will Understand

They've seen quite a few naked pictures before.

28 Nov 2015 Michael Pearson

18 Things Only Cineworld Employees Will Understand

"I have three opens this week, what is this sorcery?"

24 Nov 2015 Sara Weir

10 Things To Do In Dubai At Christmas

Grab yourself some sun and a tan this winter!

24 Nov 2015 Dan Powell

Playboy Enterprises

9 Musicians You Probably Forgot Were Playboy Cover Girls

Wait, I think you're in the wrong room. The recording studio is down the hall...

22 Nov 2015 Jacob Trowbridge

Miramax Pictures

10 Little Known True Stories From The Golden Age Of Porn

There's no shortage of amazing stories from that era of sex, drugs and porno.

22 Nov 2015 Kelly Konda


20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Cluedo

Mrs Who in the where with what now?

22 Nov 2015 Brydie Lee Kennedy

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13 Problems Only People Who Do Crossfit Will Understand

Fast. Hard. Again!

21 Nov 2015 Laura Holmes

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10 Things Only London Dungeon Workers Will Understand

Have a horrible time! No, really, you're meant to say that.

21 Nov 2015 Jen Wakely


10 Things That Have Been Completely Ruined In 2015

Goodbye bacon, old friend.

21 Nov 2015 Brydie Lee Kennedy

Warner Bros.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Radcliffe

He designed a bed?

21 Nov 2015 Laura Holmes

Warner Bros.

18 Things All Harry Potter Fans Know To Be True

Dumbledore loved Gryffindor the most and he didn't care who knew.

19 Nov 2015 Sara Weir


15 Hilarious Translation Fails In Video Games

"Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness!"

14 Nov 2015 Robert Zak


Charity Launch Horror Trailer To Highlight Deadly Disease On World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Every day is like Friday 13th when you're diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

13 Nov 2015 James Hunt


15 WTF Corporate Tweets That Definitely Got Someone Fired

Reaching out to customers can backfire spectacularly.

10 Nov 2015 Brendan Morrow

Buena Vista Pictures

14 Things That Will Happen If You Date Someone In The Armed Forces

Your world revolves around one day: Homecoming (not Prom).

10 Nov 2015 Sara Weir

New Line Cinema

10 Impossible "Would You Rather" Questions For Lord Of The Rings Fans

Would you rather fight ten orcs at once or one Nazgul?

9 Nov 2015 Sara Weir


15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To Catholic School

Sheep, angel or wise man, take your pick.

6 Nov 2015 Brydie Lee Kennedy

Dr Pepper

15 Insanely Terrible Advertising Campaigns You Won't Believe Are Real

Don Draper would not approve.

6 Nov 2015 Brendan Morrow


10 Crazy Things That Can Get You Banned From Facebook

Facebook thinks that you're too annoying to have an account.

6 Nov 2015 Sara Weir