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10 Popular Universal Studios Florida Attractions That No Longer Exist

If you want to ride with Doc Brown, you're gonna have to bring a time machine.
By Jen Gallie
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5 Reasons To Enjoy Whiskey In Autumn

You Don't Know Jack!
By Jack Daniel's

15 Unique Things To Do In London (That You Won't Find On Trip Advisor)

Blimey! Bawerd ov visitin' da same old gaffs when yer in London, guv'nor? Here's 15 yer probably yet ter discover.…
By Lottie Oram

Inspiring Stories Of The UK & Ireland's Real Unsung Heroes

100% Characters from Universal Channel
By Universal Channel

5 Best Places To Live Outside Of London

The Big Smoke isn't the only place to be at the moment.
By giffgaff

Georg Jensen Ditches Models In Favour Of Inspiration

You can never be too much you.
By Georg Jensen
+ Travel

5 Reasons To Spend Your Christmas At Universal Orlando Resort

Even if you are a Grinch there's lots to enjoy at Universal this Christmas time.
By Jen Gallie
+ Sport

8 Best Beards In Football History

Put that razor down, believe in the beard.
By Zachary Gilbert

5 Stages I Went Through After A Terminal Diagnosis

Death, much like Santa Claus, is coming to town but in my case he's rather early.
By Vynny Ward

Universal Orlando Resort Announces New Hotel

The all new Aventura Hotel will be opening its doors to guests in 2018.
By Jen Gallie

Universal Orlando Resort's Volcano Bay To Feature Virtual Queues And Water Coaster

More details released about Universal Orlando's third theme park.
By Jen Gallie

16 Commonly Held Amish Myths Busted!

Is it all bibles, beards and butter or do the Amish have a few tricks up their homemade sleeves?…
By Vynny Ward

10 Unbelievable Stories About Area 51

The truth is in here. Sort of.
By Adam Clery

Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon Coming To Universal Studios Florida Spring 2017

Get ready to run the streets of New York with the host of the Tonight Show.
By Jen Gallie

Hundreds Turn Out For London's World Zombie Day

Look out for the Jägermeister zombie take over this Halloween #JagerZombie
By Jägermeister
+ History

8 Terrifying Unsolved Halloween Mysteries

Halloween is more than just scary movies and trick or treating.
By Brad Hamilton
+ History

14 Real Life Heroes Who Have Changed The World

They are definitely super human.
By Sara Weir
+ Film

10 Lies Movies Tell You About Sex

Hollywood, meet condoms. Condoms, Hollywood.
By Brydie Lee Kennedy
+ TV

10 Things You Didn't Know About Melissa Rauch

Everything you need to know about The Big Bang Theory's Bernadette!
By Michael Potts

8 Mythical Creatures Recently Spotted In Real Life

Mermaids, pixies, dragons? The evidence is there if you look hard enough.
By Adam Clery
+ Gaming

9 Video Games To Play For A Perfect Date Night

Couples that play together, stay together.
By Gareth Cartwright
+ Music

9 Radio-Friendly Songs About Murdering Somebody

Who knew killing someone could be so catchy?
By jay royston

5 Ways To Spend A Day Without Your Mobile

Have you got the strength to take part in Phoneless Friday?
By Save The Children
+ TV

10 Assassination Attempts That Were Shown On Television

Shocking footage that was deemed suitable for broadcast.
By Tom Butler

22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

Not everything your parents told you is true.
By Brandon Jacobs
+ Technology

15 Craziest Things Ever Spotted In Google Street View

There's no hiding from Google's all-seeing eye...
By Robert Zak

8 Legendary Duos Who Hated Each Other's Guts

Bless their souls, a lot of them didn't even try to hide it.
By Jacob Trowbridge
+ History

16 Mind-Blowing Facts The Illuminati Don't Want You To Know

The All-Seeing Eye is always watching...
By Chris Waugh
+ Music

9 Songs That Perpetuate Crazy Conspiracy Theories

The truth is out there. And it has a terrific drumbeat.
By Jacob Trowbridge
+ Science

10 Same Sex Marriage Myths Debunked By Science

"Redefining marriage" one scientific study at a time.
By Rayne Constantine