10 Actors Who Received Death Threats For Insane Reasons

10. Scott Baio


Politics is serious business, but just because you disagree with someone doesn't give you the right to threaten their life. In fact, that's kinda the opposite of what democracy is about. But apparently no one told that to the people that want Scott Baio dead.

When Baio - of Happy Days and Arrested Development fame - came out as a Trump supporter during the 2016 US Election, he claimed that he received multiple death threats regarding his political stance. As one of the most outspoken celebrity Republicans, it seems that Baio was a prime target for those who wanted to make a death threat, but figured it was better to aim it at an actor from an old TV show rather than the eventual President of the United States.

Donald Trump aside, this wasn't the first time people wanted to kill Scott Baio. Back in 2010 Baio actually went to the FBI after Twitter users threatened him over a joke he posted on his account regarding Michelle Obama. One Tweet said, "A grand wizard like you Scott Baio should be put down and someone will put you down. You, your wife and kid."

And while no one's family should be dragged into an insane death threat, Baio's response to the incident and allegations of racism wasn't the best, since he simply tweeted, "I'm not racist... My wife's best friend is black."


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