10 Benefits Of Being Jennifer Lawrence's BFF


Jennifer Lawrence is the complete package. She is beautiful, talented, hilarious, surprising and most importantly, awesome. For someone with such an impressive career in a relatively finite period of time - earning numerous awards and accolades, starring in endless global phenomenons - she has always remained entirely down-to-earth and human; never once letting the bravado of super-stardom alter her personality. The 25 year-old star of The Hunger Games franchise has found a special place in all of our hearts, but what if you held a special place in hers? With all the crazy-cool things she gets up to and the tireless glee that seems to ooze from her, everyone would surely want a piece of the action. So what if you were her BFF? Imagine rolling with the greatest chick in the film industry and all the antics that would follow suit? Read up, take note and form an orderly (well, maybe disorderly) queue...

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