10 Best Bill Murray Stories (That Nobody Believes Actually Happened)

9. The One Where He Stole A Guy's Cookie

Why stop at fries when you can have cookies? This is exactly what happened to a Microsoft employee during an event in Redmond, Washington. The employee, called JW, decided to take a break from the event and get himself one of the complimentary cookies that were given out at the event. JW apparently had his eye on a big oatmeal raisin cookie, but before he could get to it none other than Bill Murray swooped in a took it from him, claiming 'this one's got my name on it.' Naturally, JW didn't mind and they even struck up a conversation with the Groundhog Day actor, who revealed that he was visiting a friend nearby and wanted to see Microsoft. A week later JW received a package of oatmeal raisin cookies, sent anonymously, and it's probably safe to say they weren't from Bill Gates.
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