10 Crazy Bits Of Footage Accidentally Caught On Drone Camera

Giving us a whole new perspective on life, death, and Star Wars...

Drones are one of the most divisive topics in the world today. Not the ones dropping bombs of freedom all over the Middle East - those are obviously fine - but commercially available camera drones that anyone can pick up for a couple of grand. Camera drones, quad-copters, RC planes or whatever you want to call them seem to bring joy to everyone who owns one, but infuriate every human, bird or goose who's on the receiving end of their lenses. With their angry buzzing rotors and voyeuristic cameras, drones are the gate-crashers of both nature and society, with animals, armed men, and lawmakers reacting to them with confusion and anger. So here is a celebration and condemnation of the meddlesome little devices, showing you the craziest, funniest and most controversial unplanned footage caught on drone camera.

10. Birds-Eye View Of An Eagle Attack

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr-xBtVU4lg In the first of several clips showing animals not taking kindly to drone intrusions on their turf, we see a giant eagle smash a drone out of the sky. Given that the drone plummeted straight out of the sky, the territorial bird clearly didn't confuse it for food, and just wanted it to get the craft out of its airspace This footage also gives us a pretty good idea of the last thing some poor lesser bird sees before its swiped off to its beaky doom by the ruthless bird of prey. A bird's-eye view has never looked so terrifying...

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