10 Disturbing Facts About US Presidents

Even the leader of the free world isn't always a saint.

Public Domain/Flickr (CC Paul Walsh)

Without trying to be too political, I think its safe to say that the current President of the United States has had a rather complicated relationship with morality.

Scandal after scandal, accusation after accusation, it's not exactly been smooth sailing for Mr. Trump ever since he announced his candidacy all those years ago.

But it's not just The Donald who has been hit by scandal whilst serving in The Oval Office.

Since the office was first established in 1789, there have been plenty of questionable men who have taken the Presidential Oath.

Whether they be big, small or just plain weird, the following ten facts about ten POTUSes throughout history are all disturbing in one way or another and will really make you question exactly why you bother voting in the first place.

Let's get historical, political and controversial as we dive into ten of the most disturbing facts about men who have been called Mr. President.

10. Teddy Roosevelt Loved Killing Animals

Van Altena, Edward [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Despite being the man they named the Teddy Bear after, Theodore Roosevelt was anything but cuddly.

President from 1901-1909, Roosevelt helped established many new national parks across the nation, as well as the first national bird and game reserves and over 150 new national forests.

All of this sounds pretty positive, right? Roosevelt was famous for his love of the outdoors, so this was surely just a harmless gesture to help preserve nature? Well...

You see, one of the reasons Roosevelt loved the outdoors so much was because he loved to hunt. A lot. In fact, many speculate that Roosevelt helped establish these new national parks in order to hunt the animals that lived there more easily. That's like giving candy to a baby just so you can steal it back from them later.

Whilst Roosevelt was undoubtedly a good president and his conservation work was legendary, that legend is undermined slightly when you realised he loved killing animals just as much as he did saving them.


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