10 Dorky Hollywood Stars Who Are Actually Sex Bombs

Don't be deceived by their glasses-wearing, awkward-posing disguises: you'll be head-over-heels.

Who doesn't love an 'ugly duckling turned into a beautiful white swan' story? Some of our favorite stars have undergone their own miraculous transformations over the years, going from being just another face in the crowd to earning showstopper status. And understandably - it's a sad but true fact that we're attracted to glorious looking people. Still, isn't it just so nice when someone you thought was bad looking suddenly steps into the spotlight looking like they grew up into an absolute babe? Think Emma Watson's transformation from bushy haired Hermione Granger into the sophisticated well-spoken young woman that she is now. Or Zac Effron's move from geeky childhood star to celebrity hunk. Or even Leo DiCaprio when he was a dorky young actor, before he grew out of his curtain phase, grew a beard, and became a jaw-dropping babe-magnet. The following ten actors are not known for their sexy appeal - but they really should be. In transitions from dorky youth to splendid adulthood, or having finally thrown off an old stigma of playing a geeky character in a film or TV series, the following ten famous people need to be added to your list of attractive celebs quick time. Because they really have gained this surprising sex bomb appeal which makes them too good looking to leave in the 'dork-box' any longer.

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