10 Dumbest Ways To Die [VIDEO]

There's a reason the Darwin Awards exist...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x270kxb_10-dumbest-ways-to-die_fun Way back in the day, a man was meant to die on the battlefield €“ horribly, but gloriously, probably having just had his spleen poked out of his spine by a barbarian on horseback as hundreds of people clanged swords and protected their king €“ Real opening scene from Gladiator stuff. Now, in our more relaxed modern lifestyles, we all want to live as long as physically possible and die with some semblance of dignity. And hey, life expectancy seems to be increasing across the board year on year, so who knows, we may all yet live to be 100. The only issue is: we, as humans, are kinda dumb. We don't mean it in an insulting way, its just that we will all, at one point or another, have a lapse in judgement. It might be because something looks like it'll be an absolute laugh, or that there really didn't seem like there was going to be any risk involved, but every so often, we'll put ourselves out there to do something crazy. We may not even perceive what we're doing to be crazy at the time. (Hell, you could be doing something crazy right now and you wouldn't even know it.) And this obviously results in one of us going the way of the dodo in a spectacularly stupid fashion. It'd also arguably be natural selection at work. There are some morbidly implausible deaths in the history books and we've all heard the one about 'that guy', but the thing is: while there are some ridiculous urban myths out there, people genuinely do die in dumb ways every day, so we figured we'd jump head first into some research and bring you the 10 dumbest ways to die.

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