10 Embarrassing Middle Names Celebs Don't Want You To Know

Richard Tiffany Gere! TIFFANY!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2j8lz7_10-embarrassing-middle-names-celebrities-don-t-want-you-to-know_fun Most people have at least one middle name, and the way it tends to go is that they're either pretty standard 'run of the mill' family names that wouldn't look out of place on a grandparent, or they're so bewilderingly strange that they'd fit right into any given NFL team's roster. There's no middle ground - it's just one of life's crazy little polarising mysteries - and for those unlucky enough to be born with a weird middle name (or several), it can become a life mission to conceal it from public knowledge at any cost. Granted - a lot of people are probably gonna yell "Yeah, but famous people tend to have crazy names!", while it's true, it's not like these celebrities' parents knew they were going to grow up to be famous, and these are all real names, not stage names. For a few of these entrants there's obviously the simple two word excuse of 'The Seventies' (A time that gave us Moon Unit Zappa and Zowie Bowie), and a couple of others have the equally head aching explanation of 'crazy famous parents', but even a decade of psychedelic insanity and having an actor for a dad doesn't explain away many of the others. Either way, it just goes to show - even someone born with the middle name 'Joan Of Arc' can succeed!

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