10 Everyday Things You've Been Doing All Wrong

It turns out we're all idiots!

Bad Ape War For The Planet Of The Apes
20th Century Fox

Ah, the humble ape species. Look at them, with their furrowed brows, gormless expressions, hairy bodies and lack of technology. No, we're not describing the cast of I'm A Celeb: we're literally talking a load of old monkeys.

As funny as they are to look at, we bet primates know the correct way to eat Toblerone. OK, perhaps not, but given some time they'd probably work it out. The same cannot be said for us, the human species.

This writer has been living the wrong way for 11,012 days. That's 264,288 hours, or 15,857,280 minutes, or even 951,436,800 seconds. However you break down time since birth, it's a hell of a long stretch to live not knowing some of the stuff detailed here.

Laugh at apes? We should be giggling at ourselves for getting these everyday tasks wrong. Come on, thicko here can't be the only one...

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