10 Everyday Things You've Been Doing All Wrong

10. Taking The Elevator

Elevator Elf
Elf/New Line Cinema

Everyone has been there.

You're in an elevator looking to get to the 19th floor. That hotel room bed is so close, yet so, so far, and it doesn't help that some idiots keep getting on at every single floor. How dare they try to get to reception or go outside when you have some rubbish movie lined up on that 10-inch telly in the corner as you struggle to sleep in an undersized bed?

This one is a bit cheeky, could land you in trouble and definitely doesn't come recommended to those who believe in manners, but did you know that simply holding the 'close door' button in a lift prevents it from stopping off at every floor? Yes, this means nobody can bother you as you become king/queen of elevation.

Thank us later, unless you get spotted on CCTV and into bother with staff.

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