10 Futuristic Smartphone Features That Will Appear Soon

Enough talk about octa-core processors and screen resolutions...

Smartphone technology is advancing at a relentless pace, but do you really care for the speed difference between a quad-core or octa-core processor? Do you even have the 20/20 vision to spot the extra pixels in a Quad HD over a Full HD display? In fact, you'd be justified in saying that every phone looks 'kind of like an iPhone' (if you're over 40), and that no smartphone has really blown you away since the original iPhone back in 2007.

Today, the zenith of phone design is the Galaxy S6 Edge, with its 'edge' spilling over the sides of the phone like love handles over an undersized pair of jeans. Pretty though the S6 Edge may be, its sidebars function as little more than extra storage space for your apps or a contacts list, which doesn't exactly announce to us that we've arrived in the future.

But don't fret, because there is phone technology on the way that will make the S6 Edge look as outdated as a candlestick phone from Mary Poppins; technology that will make phones wafer-thin, see-through and indestructible, help them save lives, and turn them into gateways into other dimensions. If you think you spend too much time on your smartphone now, then these near-future features will all but confirm the inseparability of humankind from its handheld little life assistants.

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