12 Hacks For A Mind-Blowing Sex Life

Let's get it on...


Bonking, shagging, making whoopee, doing the bone dance ... whatever you call it, a good bit of love making is always a real treat. It relieves stress, gives pleasure, brings people together, it's a cracking workout and it has the ultimate power to create new life - what's not to like?

Loads of different people do it in loads of different ways but, like everything in life, there are always opportunities to make it even better. By taking advantage of certain quirks in the human brain and body, you could open up a whole new world of orgasmic opportunities for yourself and your lucky, lucky companions. After all, who doesn't want a more fulfilling, inspiring and exciting sex life?

There has been a multitude of research done on the world's oldest hobby (it would seem that scientists also think sex is as marvellous as the rest of us do), and plenty of that research has resulted in some clever tips, tricks and hacks to supercharge your sexual exploits.

Whether you like your fellow sexual adventurers to be tall, short, male, female, singular, multiple, familiar or complete strangers, it's always worth having a couple of tricks up your sleeve to ensure that everybody's world is well and truly rocked.

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