10 Hottest Women Who Aren’t From Earth (According To A Woman)

9. Sally Solomon – 3rd Rock From the Sun

Kristen Johnston 3rd Rock

For those of you who don’t remember, 3rd Rock From the Sun was a hilarious sitcom starring John Lithgow, French Stewart, a young (prepubescent even) Joseph Gordon Levitt, and the ever unexplainably hot Kristen Johnston.

Sally is an alien that has landed on Earth to monitor its inhabitants along with three of her alien brethren. I say brethren because the alien we know as Sally is actually a male alien. What makes Sally hot is the fact that Sally thinks she’s hot. Believe it or not, confidence really is the essence of beauty. She is a lieutenant on her planet and intimidatingly smart as well. It doesn’t hurt that Sally was also 6 feet tall with long, blond hair, and looked amazing in mini-skirts. And let’s not forget that dominatrix personality…

Hotness: If she wore army pants and flip flops, I would wear army pants and flip flops.