10 Magic Tricks That Went Disastrously Wrong Live

1. Joe Burrus Gets Buried Alive

Each of these entries prove that magic can be dangerous, but Joe Burrus proved that it can be fatal.

Burrus - also known as The Amazing Joe - was buried alive on Halloween in 1990 after an escape trick went deadly wrong.

After being chained and handcuffed, Burrus was lowered into a box made of thick plastic and placed in a specially-dug grave. Dirt and wet cement were poured on top of the box, but when the grave had been completely filled back up, the box collapsed, unable to support all that weight.

Burrus had practiced and completed this stunt before - but using only dirt. The addition of the wet cement was the factor he didn't fully account for, and this oversight ultimately led to his death.

Footage shows the dirt and concrete sinking deep into the grave, killing Burrus, who was trapped beneath it. The crew desperately tried to retrieve Burrus and revive him, but when they reached his body, it was already too late.

The escape artist wanted to be the next Harry Houdini, so it's somewhat ironic to note that both men died on Halloween.

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