10 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Scandals You Won't Believe Everyone Forgot

8. Chuck Berry - Taped Female Employees On The Toilet

In the 80s, Chuck Berry owned a restaurant called The Southern Air. With ownership came responsibility - which Berry horrifically abused. In 1989, a cook at the restaurant sued Berry, claiming that she had been videotaped changing clothes and using the toilet. She was telling the truth; the women's bathroom had been set up with hidden cameras - an act that would warrant a high five from the cast of Porky's and a swift punch to the face from pretty much everyone else. The matter was dropped when Berry agreed to pay off the victims out of court for a sum of around $1.3 million. This wasn't the first scandal involving Chuck Berry. In 1959 he invited 14 year old Janice Escalanti to come work for him in his nightclub as a hatcheck girl. At least that's Berry's version of events. Three weeks after being fired, Escalanti told police information that led them to believe Berry had hired her for "immoral purposes." Berry received a 20 month prison sentence as a result. SOURCE: maxim

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