10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Time Travel Exists

2. John Titor

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Seriously, when it comes to proof of time travel, the internet is a gold mine. And we don't just mean the way that you seem to lose hours whenever you spiral into a Wikipedia k-hole, emerging once the sun has set when it feels like you only opened your laptop for five minutes during your lunch break. We mean that, along with the discovery of old videos and photos which purportedly show people from the future farting about in the past (and not doing a great job of hiding their origins; we feel there should be some laws or at least guidelines about that), there are also people who claim to be actual time travellers themselves, posting online.

The most famous of these web-based futurists was called John Titor. In the early noughties we hadn't quite advanced to the social media which now rules our online interactions. Instead, we were in this strange hinterland between Twitter and usenet, the weird bulletin boards people used to talk about X-Files way too much at the advent of the internet (yeah, early internet users kinda lived up to every nerdy stereotype). We had message boards, or forums, where people could talk about anything and everything.

One such topic that came up on various boards was the story of John Titor, a man who claimed to be from the year 2036, who proved his crazy story with a set of predictions. Some were vague, and some were very specific. Titor claimed that his future America was much different from the current one, with the country broken into five smaller regions, the environment and infrastructure devastated by nuclear attacks, and most other world powers destroyed. He also gave some pretty detailed information about his time machine, and yet nobody has tried to make their own yet.

And whilst none of his predictions have come true, there's still time! Plus nobody has ever stepped forward and claimed responsibility for it being a hoax, so...

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