10 Most Insane Prison Breaks Of All Time

1. Pascal Payet Gets To The Chopper


Pascal Payet holds the world record for planning the highest number of prison escapes by helicopter. His parents must be proud, especially since more than one of them have been successful.

The authorities' error when sentencing Payet for the murder of a truck driver was placing him at Luynes prison, which could be easily accessed from above. So when several of his accomplices hijacked a helicopter, they were able to hightail it over there and pick him up, probably in dramatic, slow-motion fashion.

The plan worked so well that Payet came back two years later by helicopter to pick up some of his buddies, but he was captured and sent back down shortly after this.

Due to his habit of flying away, the criminal became one of the most surveyed in French prison history, and was moved from jail to jail without warning so there was no way his accomplices could establish his location. But that didn't stop him from escaping by chopper one more time, and fittingly that was on Bastille Day of 2007.

These days, he's back behind bars with multiple years added to his sentence as penance for those helicopter antics.

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