10 Most Insane Prison Breaks Of All Time

10. The Texas Seven Don Disguises


Two weeks before the first Christmas of the new millennium, seven inmates at the maximum security John Connally Unit in Karnes County, Texas busted out of the facility through a combination of brute force and vaudevillian deception.

Led by an inmate named George Rivas, the motley crew lured a maintenance supervisor into a warehouse and knocked him out with an axe handle to the head. This kicked off a chain of events which forced them to use this same strategy to incapacitate two prison guards and seven other maintenance men.

What happened next sounds like the plot of a kid's cartoon show. The prisoners stole staff uniforms, guns from one of the watchtowers and the keys to a prison truck, and used a combination of all three to buy their tickets to freedom.

Post-breakout, the gang went on a crime spree across Texas until they were recaptured in Colorado, but not before they had killed a police officer.

Three members of the Texas Seven are now on death row. One of the gang members committed suicide upon recapture and the others were previously executed.


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