10 Mysterious Photos That Nobody Can Explain

1. Worstead Church Ghost

Peter Berthelot

Peter Berthelot visited Worstead Church in north Norfolk in 1975 and took a photo of his wife sat on one of the pews, lost in quiet prayer. Although the image was captured on hallowed ground, something potentially unnatural turned up in the frame.

Parked up behind Peter's wife Diane was a ghostly figure, engulfed in white and seemingly dressed in old-fashioned clothes.

When the couple made their way back to the church to quiz the local vicar about their discovery, they were told a benevolent ghost resides on the premises, the spirt of a deceased healer the locals have come to refer to as the White Lady.

There have since been numerous sightings and Worstead's local pub is even named after her, but whether Peter's original photo is the result of anything more than lens flare or a double exposure has never been proven.

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