10 Of The Best Awards Pick-ups

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Every year when awards season rolls by, a cavalcade of celebrities adorn our screens, grasping shiny statuettes and holding back (or often not holding back) tears. Amongst the faux modesty and ego-buffing, every now and then someone does something outrageous, heartwarming or plain hilarious that captures the audience€™s imagination. The folks at Mitsubishi know what makes a great pick-up, and they€™ve put together this collection of the best awards pick-ups of all-time.

10. Arctic Monkeys €” Brit Awards

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOVT5ujsr8s Pretentious rubbish or subversive genius? Whichever side you fall on, there€™s no doubting that the Arctic Monkeys€™ pick-up of the 2014 Brit Awards for Best British Album was one of the most interesting acceptance speeches of recent memory. Controversial frontman Alex Turner waxed philosophical about the nature of rock €˜n€™ roll to a crowd that was cheering and bemused in equal measure, before dropping the mic and letting the rest of us wonder what on Earth we€™d just heard.
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