10 Problems Only People Dating Someone Ultra Beautiful Will Understand

It's hard playing the role of an average Joe every day.

While beauty is a thing in society that's regularly admired and aspired to, it's often hard to find yourself dating someone who meets all the definitions of the word (although lets not go into that debate now, or else we'll be here for days). While it's wonderful to fancy the person you love, have your friends tell you you're "soooo lucky", and to be able to take some great photographs of them, it can actually be quite demoralising when you're the average Joe swanning around with this genetically perfect human being. You're just a normal person; you look good when you try, but you're also pretty comfy hanging out without doing your hair for a day, or donning your pyjamas and having a Hobbit film marathon. However; it's hard to feel like these things are still acceptable when your S.O has the ability to leap out of bed looking like a freshly pressed beauty advert. So, here are a list of ten things you've probably experienced while dating someone who regularly gets mistaken for being a celebrity or a model. You are not alone.

I love Stephen King and music festivals; I eat my toast upside down; I daydream about getting married probably a bit too much; and I wish every day for a pet sausage dog puppy (who never materialises – sob).