10 Reasons School Discos Totally Ruled

Teachers in their home clothes, sugary drinks full of delicious E numbers, and skidding the knees out of all your pants. These are a few of our favourite things.

Nina Cresswell



Fill  your lungs with the memories of smoke machines and polished wood, as we fondly reflect on those nights of youthful innocence – the beloved school disco.

Such nauseating disco excitement is impossible to belly up to as a grown up: unless you’re dabbling in Class A’s, which we’re definitely not advocating.

Before we begin the fun and games here, it’s important to mention the one pressing issue of the school disco, which still haunts to this day – the agony (or elation, depending on who you were) surrounding the build up to the obligatory slow dance. The trauma and urge to vomit hotdog all over the school hall remains in the deepest darkest parts of every child’s subconscious today, no matter how buried. But of course there were ways to escape: the best thing to do at this point was to congregate in the cloakroom consuming enough sherbet straws to power a rocket, and hoping beyond hope that nobody would come and insist that you dance with them.

Join us in a celebration of our pre-adolescent selves partying hard: wave your hands, hitch a ride, now ski! Here’s 10 reasons school discos were awesome. Feel free to share the nostalgia in the comments below.


10. Hotdogs And Blue Pop Through A Straw


Being outside your parents control for a few hours, and being able to eat ALL of the junk. How could we forget those plastic cartons of pure blue hyperactivity, lovingly pierced with a little red straw. One sip and there was enough sugar in your blood to manically chicken dance round the school hall for about four hours.

Then of course, came the halftime break; where everyone was given a damn fine hotdog in a napkin. The momentary peace as a hall full of school children indulged in ketchup heaven was simply blissful. Damn it I want a hotdog.


9. Feeling Badass Because You Were In School After Hours


The heavy curtains of the school halls were drawn shut, blocking out the 7pm summer light and making you feel like a complete wild one in school after dark. If you were totally hardcore, you’d start exploring the desolate classrooms like a heady cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones.


8. Knowing All The Moves To This Song

Blow your horn, ring the bell, give ’em a wave, SUPERMAN! It didn’t get any better than this: especially when the song got to ‘Macho!’ and all the boys tried painfully hard to flex, faces scrunched like Pop Eye. Pretty much any song by Black Lace was a must-have school disco essential – who can’t remember every single word of ‘I Am The Music Man’?