10 Recent Wrestling Books You Must Read

Roddy Piper's own kids telling his story? Utterly essential...

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Anyone with even a passing interest in pro wrestling books will have read classics like Mick Foley's Have a Nice Day! or Bret Hart's epic (if naturally biased) My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling. Those are staples in the grappling book genre for a reason, and arguably the benchmark all future titles will be judged on.

That's slightly unfair though, because each book has something different to offer. Not all of them need to be written by Hall Of Fame-worthy performers, nor do such reads have to dish the dirt on what really happened behind the scenes. No, sometimes a wrestling book captivates due to positivity or stunning insight.

With the advent of Kindle, the wrestling book market is bulging right now, making it even harder to choose which ones are worthy of your attention. The good news is, someone has kindly read them for you, bearing recommendations.

10. Pete Gas - Looking At The Lights

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It sounds ridiculous to state that reading a member of the Mean Street Posse's book will give you more insight into the Attitude Era, but it's true. The best stories don't always come from the headliners, and Pete Gas is only too willing to divulge details about his few years in WWE. Oh, and there are also loads of Shane McMahon stories.

Friends long before he was pulling on the sweater vest alongside Rodney and Joey Abs, Gas and Shane had numerous wild nights out and travelled together on the road. That's the key hook here, sitting neatly alongside Gas giving his take on everything from pain pill addictions to those unprotected chair shots that were commonplace in the late-90s.

Those latter subjects prove that Gas isn't trying to curry favour with the McMahon family and hint at a return to WWE. Such an approach is refreshing, because whilst Gas doesn't outright bury his former employer, he's not exactly towing the party line either.


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