10 Richest Drag Queens In The World

These queens aren't just fierce; they're filthy rich.

Drag Make It Rain You may not be aware, but drag performance has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years and as a result a unique culture dedicated to drag has evolved. This has much to do with LogoTV€™s hit show RuPaul€™s Drag Race, hosted by drag royalty RuPaul. Drag Race has produced 6 seasons of incredibly talented and beautiful queens. Along with the many examples of very established drag artists who, like RuPaul have risen to fame through the traditional entertainment routes, there is also no shortage of successful "werkin gurls" to choose from for this list. These drag performers have a fiercely loyal fan base with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on their YouTube videos. These fans are very willing to support their favourite queens; paying to listen to their music, watching their videos and going to their performances. As a result, top drag queens are reaping the financial benefits. And none more so than these ten...

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