10 Richest People Of All Time

Mr. Megamoneybags literally as rich as Croesus. Literally including Croesus.


They say money makes the world go round. Thanks to the hard work of science, we now know that this isn't quite the case; it's actually down to the conservation of angular momentum perpetuated by inertia.

There are others who say this expression is idiomatic, which is fair enough. The simple and depressing fact is that ever since the Great Pyramids were merely an unsightly new eyesore on the outskirts of Cairo, wealth has been the deciding factor in influencing the course of our spinny blue globe's history.

Unfortunately for just about all of us, during the majority of that time that wealth has been concentrated in the grubby, greedy hands of a very select cartel. It's estimated that approximately 1% of the world's population control over half of its capital - and with it, they control a whole lot more besides.

But that's nothing: at one point shortly after the first year of our arbitrary Lord, a single man in a single toga was responsible for almost a fifth of the world's whole economic output. He had so much money, he had to own a whole African nation just for somewhere to keep it.

There's the superrich, and then the stupidrich. He and these nine other blokes were all literally rich as Croesus. One of them literally is Croesus.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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