10 Same Sex Marriage Myths Debunked By Science

"Redefining marriage" one scientific study at a time.


Same-sex marriage. Marriage equality. Gay marriage. Whatever you call it, it boils down to one issue: Allowing same-sex couples to have the same legal protections under the law as opposite-sex couples already have. This, for a variety of reasons, is a concept that some have failed to grasp.

This spectacular failure in thinking has resulted in the Australian Federal Government (my home country) to host a “plebiscite” to allow the pro-same sex marriage side and anti-same sex marriage side to fling sh*t at each other to the tune of millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayers' money.

A plebiscite is run in regards to issues that do not affect the Australian Constitution and can simply be used as a tool for the federal government to see if the nation is for or against a proposal. Great idea. Instead of using the money to pay off the national debt, fund schools or assist the healthcare system, fund medical research or do anything else that could be done to provide a quality of life to disadvantaged people - let's give millions of tax dollars to religious fundamentalists who pay no taxes so they can tell other bigots that my same-sex partner and I are sick and unnatural because their chosen god says so.

Unfortunately for them, science has a few opinions on the subject too.

Let’s see what the science says about me putting a ring on my partner’s finger.

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