10 Secret Alien Bases Around The World

Area 51, The Grand Canyon, and... Staffordshire?

Road trips are the worst, right? They're an exercise in patience, as the world passes by and time along with it, with the endurance test only made bearable by occasional breaks at garages, rest-stops, or one of the few remaining Little Chefs. Now, imagine how unbearable it is to go on a seven-hour drive to Cornwall. Multiply that by about a billion. There are no planets that host intelligent life in our solar system, so when extraterrestrials finally make contact, odds are they'll be coming from light years away. And they'll be knackered, and fancy a McDonalds or equivalent space food. Well, odds are the aliens have already been here, and they've already got a host of places to refuel, refresh, and share military secrets. Either that, or they're being snapped up to be dissected and have their technology nicked. Those are the two explanations for all the alien bases found dotted around the world, where militaries and other government powers muck around with UFOs, use experimental technology from beyond the stars and house intergalactic visitors, unbeknownst to the world at large. Or so certain conspiracy theorists will tell you. There certainly are a lot of highly suspicious, clandestine military facilities around the globe, and nearly as many are the centre for all sorts of weird activity and UFO sightings. Like Area 51. Or The Grand Canyon. Or... Staffordshire? These are ten secret alien bases around the world.
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