10 Secret Rooms Hidden In Famous Landmarks

10. Empire State Building's 103rd Floor Viewing Platform


King Kong swatted at planes from its summit, aliens blew it up in Independence Day, and it's been a fixture of the New York skyline since 1931. For these reasons and more, tourists have flocked to the Empire State Building for decades.

When taking in the stunning views from the viewing decks on the 86th and 102nd floors, it's easy to see why it's so popular among visitors to the city, but what most people who aren't Taylor Swift won't realise is that it's possible to go one storey higher.

Tay Tay was famously pictured on the Empire State Building's secret 103rd floor viewing platform in 2014, showing off her head for heights. This level is inaccessible to the general public for safety reasons. Only a small knee-high ledge and low safety rail separates visitors from the same drop King Kong plummeted down in 1933.

The tiny balcony can be reached via a series of elevators and a narrow metal stairway, but these days, you need to be famous to gain permission to visit it.

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