10 Shocking Oscar Secrets The Academy Doesn't Want You To Know

"Wait! We actually have to WATCH these films before we vote for the best one!?"

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hnwde_10-shocking-secrets-the-academy-doesn-t-want-you-to-know_shortfilms This Sunday, the streets of Hollywood will be void of human life, as a steady stream of gently purring limousines move in unison toward The Dolby Theatre. But don't worry, this isn't the final standoff of some low grade horror in which limos have staged an uprising against their cruel, abusive masters - this is just standard protocol for The Academy Awards. That's right! If (for some reason) you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks: The Oscars are upon us, which means sitting in front of the TV for 4 hours with a pile of friends, as you all argue over who deserves which award! Now depending on where you stand as a film-fan, either this is the most important cultural event of the year, full of mystery and wonder, or it's a bunch of over-hyped, bureaucratic nonsense, designed to further inflate the egos of people who already act as though they're gods. Either way, you can't deny the power of an Academy Award, and films that take home an Oscar in any category make a hell of a lot more money from that stamp of approval than those that don't. The ceremony is one of the most viewed broadcasts globally each year, it's glamorous, exciting and usually a whole load of fun to watch, but just like any big smiling face, there's a whole load of stuff going on behind it that The Academy doesn't want you to find out. Time to get our hands dirty!

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