10 Things You Want To Do To Justin Bieber After His Childish Deposition Video

Because if you've seen it, your blood'll boil.

Justin Bieber Depo Hooray for childishness and immaturity going viral. And a greater hooray when those characteristics are coming from a millionaire celebrity who's only 19 years old. The Biebs' recent deposition video, in response to one of his bodyguards roughing up a member of the paparazzi, has exploded. It's like watching reality television €“ despite how monetarily fortunate these people might seem we get to laugh because we know we're easily more grounded, more responsible, and probably a lot happier despite being a lot poorer. It's a hysterical example of how not to raise your children, otherwise you both could be responsible for creating a monster. And like some strange, Canadian Victor Frankenstein, you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life. There many shining moments worth taking a look, like Bieber not understanding the difference between the words detrimental and instrumental and saying he's been, "detrimental to his own career". It's things like this that fill me with hope since the general response to the video has been reaffirming. It seems like fame will only take you so far before you really start to irk people. That got me wondering, if you were the judge and the kid was in your courtroom, what are some of the punishments you'd deal out to him?

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