10 Things You Didn't Know About Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

1. Legendary Truth - The Collective

The Repository Logo HHN26
Universal Orlando

Remember the elaborate Bloody Mary backstory? Well it's actually even more complicated.

Boris Shuster was initially thought to have killed Dr Agana but eventually it was discovered that she was in fact murdered by a patient. After he was cleared of her murder he created a group called Legendary Truth - The Collective. A secret organisation that sought the truth behind paranormal activity.

Legendary Truth is actually an immersive game. Fans can join The Collective and hunt out clues and solve puzzles at HHNs. It's an official creation of Universal Studios and provides a way for fans to interact with each other both online and in the park.

Although it was at his height during its first year back in 2008 the collective is still going.

In 2014 a Legendary Truth App was released which led players to a secret Legendary Truth Office where they got to test out new technology. A similar event took place in 2015, it seems that this was all part of a bigger picture.

Last year Legendary Truth made a huge return to HHN26 in the form of the Repository. The Repository was an additional virtual reality experience that guests could take part in. In groups of 4, horror fans would work alongside Legendary Truth to help solve the clues. They would then journey into the spirit world thanks to the use of a virtual reality head gear. It was often described as a paranormal escape room where you gathered evidence throughout several rooms only to solve a puzzle in the final room.

This year's Halloween Horror Nights run between 15th September and 4th November.


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