10 Things You Didn't Know About Emily VanCamp

The woman better known as Sharon Carter...or Jackie O?

They say there are no second acts in American lives, but what did F Scott Fitzgerald know? He was dead by 44 and had crap hair. There€™s overwhelming evidence to the contrary to be found, especially when you look to Hollywood - Revenge star Emily VanCamp, for instance, is very much in the thick of the big second act of her acting career. Whilst her ABC drama series has been a huge hit, the network has cancelled it, effective with the end of its fourth season. Not that it€™s getting VanCamp down, with the news barely managing to brush past her swiftly rising star. She€™s already got a couple more movies wrapped, and is currently filming the third Captain America film. She may have a bigger role in the next Marvel sequel, but even if she doesn€™t VanCamp still has legions of fans leftover from Revenge (and some of her earlier TV work to boot) will be queuing up to see her in indie drama The Girl In The Book, opposite star of the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film, Michael Nyqvist. As with any young woman fronting a slightly soapy, definitely trashy and delightfully histrionic TV show aimed at young people, the actress has a significant fan following - especially on that most teenaged of social media platforms, Tumblr. But even may not know about her early roles, her horror roles, or any of these ten facts about Emily VanCamp.

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