10 Unbelievable Stories About Area 51

10. Time Travel

Of all the scientifically improbable flights-of-fancy that fiction has bestowed upon the human consciousness, nothing is quite as intriguing as time travel. The ability to turn back the hands of the clock and undo humanity's most important moments, or leap forward and live in a futuristic wonderland without the inconvenience of actually ageing - the scope for the imagination is endless.

Allegedly, the US government has already dipped its toes into the murky water of time travel, as numerous "man out of time" images have indicated. Whether this technology is a by-product of captured alien craft, or simply giant scientific strides by the US Military, is open to debate, but Los Alamos physicist Robert Lazar has gone on the record about a briefing that was given at the base.

Speaking about the so-called Project Galileo, Lazar said; "My NSA contact confirmed that the government has succeeded in time travel, but also considers it a dangerous technology".

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