10 Unbelievable Stories About Area 51

6. Chameleon Technology

The benefits of an invisibility cloak are as obvious to a military general as they are to any boy wizard, any not a month goes by in the Middle-East now with out some sketchy reports that the US Military are utilising some form of the technology. F

rom grainy CCTV footage of soldiers seemingly blending into their surroundings, to eye-witness accounts from the Iraqi military to ISIS, Chameleon soldiers are filmily part of modern warfare folklore. But how did the US (allegedly) get their hands on such mind-bending technology? According to leaked reports it's the work of the Quantum Stealth Project, the most ambitious reverse engineering endeavour that has ever borne fruit at the base.

The goal, to successfully develop the same Electro-Optical Camouflage that our Alien visitors utilise for both their crafts and personnel. Dismissed, as most stories form the base are, as mere hearsay a decade ago, the continued reports of battlefield sightings, and the repeated assertion from members of staff on the base that it's a very real, and very successful project, mean it's one of the more plausible stories to come out of Area 51.

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