10 Weirdest Gods Worshipped Around The World

There is a place where Prince Philip is deemed God.

According to Deuteronomy 32:16, worshipping €œstrange gods€ back in the day was enough to provoke the one true Lord to anger, unleashing a bunch of those plagues He's so fond of. If He's still paying attention close nowadays, the Big Man must be absolutely fuming: religions have proliferated to such a point that there's few things people won't worship. €œCynolatry€ is the worship of dogs, those who practise €œgrammatolatry€ are devoted to divine letters and words, €œaischrolatry€ refers to the worship of filth, dirt, or smut...the list goes on (seriously, it's a really long list). There's even the €œallotheism€, a word which literally means the worship of strange gods. Of which there are more than a few. The atheists may come sweeping in with their hot takes that worshipping any all-powerful being in the sky is weird but at least there are cultural and historical precedents for taking the big blue elephant deity Ganesha seriously as your god. As opposed to aliens, or the director of Plan 9 From Outer Space €“ other things people actually worship. Even the legit religions have their second-stringer mythological figures, the ones you don't see so much on stained glass windows and in prayer books. Like the god with snakes for legs, or Goku from Dragonball Z. All of that and about five different cargo cults make up the ten weirdest gods worshipped around the world.
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