10 Weirdly Human Animal Behaviours

Ants are *this* close to stopping you in the street to sign their petition.

Humans are generally considered to be the oddballs of the animal kingdom.

We wobble around on two legs, remove what little body hair we do have, and think that things like "Pot Noodles" and "quarterly meetings" are a pretty neat idea.

However, we might not be quite so unique as we once thought. Whilst the ideas of noble man and lowly beast have stayed resolutely separate for much of human history, we're beginning to see behaviour in animals that is not so different from our own.

We're not just talking about otters hitting stuff with rocks either, we're talking about animals that make clothes and musical instruments, that fake orgasms and even stage the occasional revolution.

It shouldn't be so surprising really as, for all our humanly airs and graces, we're really just apes in shoes after all.

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