10 Worst Jobs In The World [Video]

Retail sucks, but it ain't a patch on these monsters...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x270qft_10-worst-jobs-in-the-world_fun It's often said that people will do anything for money, and anyone who's worked retail can attest to the sheer level of crap that gainful employment can put you through. But just how far would you go, job-wise, to make a living? They're all around us, these bewilderingly terrible jobs, worse than we could ever imagine, and for the most part, unless we stop and really think, or have a good online dig through job sites, we'll probably never realise they exist. There are also those of us who were born into places where there are no different employment options, where everyone for a 10 mile radius either works for one company, 12 hours a day at the same factory complex, at a conveyor belt, like human cattle - or starves. Either way, whether an employer is open about how horrifying the vacant position really is, or whether it paints a false picture of happiness and staff unity before chaining you to the table and making you assemble smart phones, or hand-scrub murder carpets, there's a rising number of terrible jobs out there, and the list just seems to be getting bigger every day. So without further ado, here are the 10 Worst Jobs In The World!

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