10 Worst Ways People Have Been Tortured To Death

History's most horrific tortures were both brilliant and barbaric...

Utagawa Kunisada [Public domain]

It is often said that the worst way to extract information from someone is to torture them. Nobody knows that better than the torturers themselves men and women throughout history who crafted the most brutal and disturbing means of execution through pain.

Throughout all of recorded history, nearly every culture on the planet has implemented one form of torture or another. Many are well known while some are fortunately buried deep in the history books where only the most curious may find them.

Whether these methods were devised as a means of extracting information, punishing people for crimes perceived and actual, or simply as a way of killing them with the most pain possible, all are brutal and horrific. Seeing as the victims were all killed using these methods and devices, the means of torture are ranked by how much pain they inflicted over the longest period of time. A short, sweet death is not going to appear on this list and every method is truly horrific.

Be warned: Some of the descriptions and images used in this list are not for the light-hearted. If descriptions and depictions of torture make you queasy, read with caution!

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