10 "Yoogest" Mistakes Donald Trump Ever Made

10. That Hair

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rc2972HNwc Well, let's start with an easy one. Trump seems to feel that age, like anything else in his life, is something he can control with a combination of willpower, denial, big talk and wealth. But nothing symbolizes his complete divorce from reality like that mysterious thing on his head, which he claims is produced only by Head and Shoulders, air drying and consistency. It's "real," apparently, but a real what? Is it a transplant? A scene wipe? Some alien life pulsating its commands to him in the language of its people, the Ruggians? Whatever it is, it's hardy enough to survive an Ice Bucket Challenge and a form of yellowish-blond that seems to be having fun, albeit at his expense. Trump has claimed that he would change his hair if he actually became President, which would be tempting, but not enough actual incentive to vote for him...
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